Through This Valley

A Free Eight-Week Grief Support Program for Your Church, Ministry or Organization

About Through This Valley

In 2020, we were looking for a new grief support curriculum to use at NewSpring Church. We were thankful for the one we had, but it wasn't quite the fit we were looking for. As we explored our options, we found out there wasn't much out there. So, we decided to create something brand new. Four years, dozens of hours of film, and thousands of travel miles later, we are thankful to finally have the new program we prayed for: Through This Valley.

The program consists of eight full video sessions that are designed to be played before your grief small group time. We also offer some print resources and an online video clip library. Our goal is to provide resources that empower the local church and other organizations to have the grief groups that are so desperately needed in this world. Let us know how we can help you make that a reality!

Bible-Based Perspective

Our view of grief is deeply rooted in our belief in Jesus Christ. While we consulted many experts as we developed this curriculum and worked diligently to maintain a psychologically-informed perspective, the ultimate source of truth in our program is the Word of God.

Strong Foundation in Grief Science

Dr. Jonathan Hoover, a pastor and professor at Regent University's graduate school of psychology, spearheaded the development of Through This Valley. In our program, we blend a strong devotion to God's truth with a deep commitment to offering you up-to-date psychological insights. As you engage with our videos and materials, you'll experience both spiritual guidance and valuable psychological support to help you navigate through your grief journey.

Experts Via Video

While we can't teleport some of the top grief experts in the Christian counseling world to your church for your small group, we can bring them to you via video, and that's what we've done. We interviewed mental health experts, ministry leaders, and others who've gone through the pain of grief. We spent years putting these videos together so that your groups will have great content to explore and discuss.

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Through This Valley